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february 27th 2019.
  1. Pygmy Marmoset
    Pygmy Marmoset
  2. bennetts wallaby
    bennetts wallaby
  3. parma wallaby
    parma wallaby
  4. common marmoset
    common marmoset
  5. african crested porcupine
    african crested porcupine
  6. meerkat
  7. southern three banded armadillo
    southern three banded armadillo
  8. red-fronted lemur
    red-fronted lemur
  9. pardine genet
    pardine genet
  10. reindeer
  11. asian short clawed otter
    asian short clawed otter
  12. large hairy armadillo
    large hairy armadillo
  13. capybara
  14. vietnamese pot bellied pig
    vietnamese pot bellied pig
  15. greater egyptian jerboa
    greater egyptian jerboa
  16. straw coloured fruit bats
    straw coloured fruit bats
  17. guinea pigs
    guinea pigs
  18. ouessant sheep
    ouessant sheep
  19. kirk's dik dik
    kirk's dik dik
  20. dwarf mongoose
    dwarf mongoose
  21. Patagonian Mara
    Patagonian Mara
  22. Seba's Short Tailed Fruit Bats
    Seba's Short Tailed Fruit Bats
  1. Chickens
  2. Red Legged Serimea
    Red Legged Serimea
  3. Barn Owl
    Barn Owl
  4. yellow necked francolin
    yellow necked francolin
  5. verreauxs eagle owl
    verreauxs eagle owl
  6. demoiselle crane
    demoiselle crane
  7. masked lapwing
    masked lapwing
  8. black faced ibis
    black faced ibis
  9. little egret
    little egret
  10. pink backed pelican
    pink backed pelican
  11. african spoonbill
    african spoonbill
Reptiles, Amphibians & Inverts
  1. giant african land snails
    giant african land snails
  2. madagascan hissing cockroach
    madagascan hissing cockroach
  3. sulcata tortoise
    sulcata tortoise
  4. chile rose tarantula
    chile rose tarantula
  5. axolotl
  6. bornean budwing stick insect
    bornean budwing stick insect
  7. Hingeback Tortoise
    Hingeback Tortoise
  8. Jamaican Boa
    Jamaican Boa
  9. eastaAfrican egg eating snake
    eastaAfrican egg eating snake
  10. crested gecko
    crested gecko
  11. red eyed tree frog
    red eyed tree frog
  12. whites tree frog
    whites tree frog
  13. Red Footed Tortoise
    Red Footed Tortoise