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Wild Discovery the zoo that interacts with you!

Our aim is to bring you unique experiences through our daily interactive and educational talks and animal encounters.  We hope to inspire people of all ages to help conserve our fascinating animal kingdom and protect the environment that we all live in. 

At Wild Discovery, your admission is a day pass, so you have unlimited entry for that day so you can explore all the areas within the zoo, discovering and learning about animals from around the world.  We are open to Ribby Hall Holiday Guests, the local community, schools and groups.

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​Free parking and light refreshments available within Wild Discovery or you can bring your own picnic.  There are several eating places within Ribby Hall Village.

If you are using a satnav the post code is PR4 2PR.
We have a great selection of animals, along with some of the most unusual animals from across the globe.

You can meet them and see their unique ways of eating, living and find out how they would defend themselves from predators through our daily animal talks.
Have you ever wanted to meet your favourite animal and have a personal encounter with it or maybe always wanted to be a zoo keeper?

You can do both with our unique animal encounters and zoo keeper for the day experience.

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new animals arrive at ​wild discovery

This month at Wild Discovery
has been busy, not only have
we seen record visitor numbers
we have also seen the arrival
of two new species!

The first species is the smallest 
carnivore from Africa, the
Dwarf Mongoose, Helogale
parvula.  We have a male, Ron
and a female Kianga.  They have settled into their new enclosure and are busy exploring all areas.  Being a dirunal species means they are active during the day so you are sure see them when you visit.

The second new species to join
us are two male Kirk's Dik
Dik's, Madoqua kirkii called
Dick and Dom.  They are the
worlds smallest antelope
species.  When you see them
you won't believe how small
they are, and as they are
naturally shy and elusive
animals, it is best to be as quiet
as you can around their enclosure.  Dick and Dom are both very important individuals, as they are part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).  This is a European wide breeding programme that focuses on creating a gentically viable captive population for conservation of its species. 


International Bat Month

On Sunday 28th October from 11am - 3pm we have The Bat Lady, Gail here at Wild Discovery sharing information about our native bats.  Including the how bats are protected, how we can help provide homes for them and why conservation for our 18 species of native bats is so important.

Come along and meet Gail to find out how we can all help protect and provide homes for our bats.

This event is included in normal admission prices.
October Holidays

From Monday 8th October until Sunday 4th November Wild Discovery will be open 7 days a week!

So, if you are looking for somewhere to take the family for a fun day out why not visit Wild Discovery.  We have a full schedule of animals talks and activities that are included in your admission, and are a chance for you to meet some of our animals up close and learn more about them.

Don't forget that your admission is a day pass so you can come and go all day.

Wild Discovery
Ribby Hall Village
Wrea Green
​Tel: 01772 673836
We accept SPICE time credits. Two credits per person, for a maximum of 5 people.